Visual demonstration is an excellent way to display how our products operate. Get a behind-the-scenes look with fluid dispensing technology videos designed to showcase the innovation and inner workings of liquid control automation. If you have questions about our videos or would like further information on a product not listed here, contact a Fluid Research? representative to learn more.


Fluid-Research-Working-Illustration-Progressing-Cavity-PumpFluid Research? Working Illustration - Progressing Cavity Pump

Progressive cavity pumps are included in many of our systems with accurate precision dispensing achieved independent of media viscosity. Each pump exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasive/filled content and chemically aggressive fluids.
Fluid-Research-Working-Illustration-T-2000HD-Multi-Component-Dispensing-SystemFluid Research? Working Illustration - T-2000HD Multi Component Dispensing System
The T-2000HD is an excellent choice for epoxy and silicone chemistries as well. Capable of storing up to 40 dispense programs and the lowest industry maintenance requirements provide this meter mix system has the lower overall cost of ownership with superior delivery performance.
Fluid-Research-Working-Illustration-Z-2000-Positive-Displacement-Dispensing-SystemFluid Research? Working Illustration - Z-2000 Positive Displacement Dispensing System

The Z-2000P is a powerful entry level positive displacement dispensing system. Utilizing our proprietary pumping system, this machine is highly resistant to abrasion and chemically aggressive materials while providing extremely accurate and consistently repeatable 2-part dispensing.
EdgeFill with Syntactics for Honeycomb PanelsFluid Research? - Edge Fill with Syntactics for Honeycomb Panels

Demonstration of the T-2000R dispensing edge fill for honeycomb panels in the aerospace industry. Our edge fill dispensing systems offer programmable flow rates, tool-less calibration, low pulsation, and continuous flow.
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