Meter Mix Dispense Systems

At Fluid Research?, we customize fluid management and dispensing systems based on your materials and application requirements. We offer several base models that can be configured for single or multi-component materials using either our progressive cavity pumps or piston pump technology. These systems ensure accuracy, durability, and efficiency for low to high volume production. Systems can be designed for bench top, cart mount, or free standing workstations.

Contact us today and we will configure a dispensing solution for your unique application.


Single Component Systems


X-100 Single Component Dispensing System


Z-100 Single Component Dispensing System



Multi Component Systems


CM420 Multi Component Dispensing System

DFR20 & DFR200

DFR20 & DFR200 Multi Component Dispensing System

FR300 & FR1200

FR300 & FR1200 Multi Component Dispensing System

LC50FR & LC120FR

LC50FR & LC120FR Multi Component Dispensing System


T-1000 Multi Component Bench Top Dispensing System


T-2000 Multi Component Cart Mount Dispensing System


T-2000R Multi Component Cart Mount Dispensing System


T-3000 Multi Component Workstation Dispensing System

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