Fluid Research? systems are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications ranging from small to large operations. By virtually eliminating waste and human contact, you’ll see consistent control and uniform results while meeting environmental standards. Even with the initial investment, Fluid Research? systems can save companies considerable operational costs through decreased labor & repairs, improved safety, waste reduction, and more.

Our products include progressing cavity pumps, single and multi-component precision dispensing systems, and custom solutions for enhanced conditioning and handling.


Popular Fluid Research? System Applications


Battery SealingPower ConvertersElectrical Motors
Environmental ControlsCommunicationsValve Manufacturing
Medical ProstheticsSyringe PackingMedical Bandages
Security System ControllersIndustrial Gasketing MaterialsMarine/Watercraft Electronics
Aerospace ApplicationsModular Components LightingDrum Manufacturing
Oil FiltrationAppliance ControlsDisk Controls
Highway ElectronicsSporting EquipmentIndustrial Controllers
Electronic InstrumentationMedical DevicesSafety Equipment
Fire Pump ControllersOral Hygiene DevicesMusical Equipment
Industrial ChemicalsDecorative LightingMilitary Applications
Visual Display PanelsArtificial SurfacingFlow Meters
InfraRed SensorsTemperature Sensitive & Waterproof ControlsAutomotive Wheels
Sound RecordingFootwearAdhesive Manufacturing
Automotive Electronics & Accessories


Is your application on the list? Contact an experienced Fluid Research? representative to learn more about how you can make the switch to the industry-leading meter mix dispensing manufacturer for superior, cost-saving solutions.

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